Idretis Manage your knowledge through mindmapping


Get organized

My role
UI Designer

Staying intuitive and beautiful

Idretis is a young startup that develops a powerful mindmapping web app.
They came to me to work on the look of the user interface.

0. Getting to know

The first challenge was to get to know the product, including the features, the capital gain.

Then I focused on "why" the user would use this app instead of an other.

1. Cleaning at first

One thing that striked me at first was the overfull of informations.

In order to offer the best experience to a user, I started by cleaning up the whole screen.

2. Focusing on a task

The major problem before I start working on the project was the amount of features available on the main screen. It was preventing the user from focusing on his goal : organize his datas

Did you ever try to work on a messy desk? Quite difficult isn't it?

In order to remove the friction between the datas collected and the restitution, I had to display the only features the user really needs.