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I design apps since 8 years & lead design teams since 6 years

01/2022 — Now

UX/UI Designer (Freelance)

Air Liquide

  • European-wide & English-speaking projects
  • Working on 3 projects at a time
  • Audit the existing systems / Competitive and inspirationnal Benchmark
  • User flow modeling on Figma
  • Design Workshop Animation (ideation, co-design, …)
  • Interactive prototype design with Figma
  • Collaboration with Solution Owners, Product Manager, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Developers and Stakeholders (SAFe)
  • Documentation

01/2021 — 01/2022

UX Designer (Freelance)

Crédit Agricole

  • Audit the existing systems / Competitive and inspirationnal Benchmark
  • Data collection and analysis
  • User flow modeling on Whimsical
  • Design Workshop Animation (ideation, co-design, …)
  • Interactive prototype design (wireframes) with Sketch & InVision
  • User test
  • Collaboration with Business Analysts, UI Designers, UX Researcher, Developers and Stakeholders (SCRUM)
  • Documentation

10/2019 – 01/2021

Lead UX/UI Designer (Freelance)


  • Creation of a design process for the company (methodology, workshops, design, guerilla test)
  • Documentation of the user interface design process
  • Implementation of a Design System
  • Mentoring / Coaching of a UI Designer
  • UX « Evengelisation » of Product Owners, Front-end Developers and Project Managers
  • Project managers training on Figma
  • Accélération / Simplification de l'intégration des composants front
  • Simplifying the integration of front-end components thanks to collaborative tools
  • Project managers empowerment when designing mock-ups for clients

08/2019 – 09/2019

UX/UI Designer & Developer (Freelance)


  • Design (UX/UI) and development (PHP / JS) of an interactive and easily editable mini-site :http://bieneclairersamaison.com to assist customer advisors when choosing lights with an end-customer.
  • Collaboration with internal teams on project management, SEO and solution deployment.

02/2019 – 06/2019

UX/UI and Developer then Lead Produit (Freelance)

Captain Job

  • Design (UX/UI) and tailor-made development (WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP7 et JS) of a web app helping students find opportunities by sending hundreds of applications at a glance.:https://captainjob.fr.
  • Strategic CEO coaching

04/2016 - 01/2019

Team Leader & UX/UI Designer

la chouette company

  • Team Management
    • Internal (4 UX Designers) and client team coordination
    • New employee onboarding
    • HR
    • QA testing of builds from partners (developers)
  • UX/UI Design
    Mostly industrial process digitalization
    • Workshops animation
    • User flow modelization using Omnigraffle
    • User interface specification writing and gamification principle setup to ensure an optimal retention
    • Sketches
    • Interactive prototyping (low and high-fidelity from wireframes to final design) with Sketch and InVision using Atomic Design methodology.
    • Design system implementation and easing collaboration with developers (Zeplin, Sketch Measure) while keeping an Atomic Design mindset.
  • Development
    • Tailor made platforms development from back-end to front-end (Recruitment platform, Project management tools) with PHP, JS, HTML, Sass, Google Script, Git and WordPress.
  • Education
    • UX Design classes given in a school (ARIES) for two and three year degree after the baccalaureate students (design thinking, strategic thinking, user flows, UI specifications, prototyping, design systems)
    • New employee training.
  • Sales
    • Cold calling
    • Initial meetings animation
    • Calibration of business needs
    • Proposals writing with InDesign and Google Slides
    • Proposals presentation using Keynote

03/2015 - 04/2016

Web Designer


  • Design
    • Responsive websites design (graphic + code) for real-estate companies
    • Customer interfaces design (mobile and desktop)
    • Newsletter design
  • Development
    • Responsive websites Front-end development (ASP .NET, JS, HTML, CSS, Sass, TFS),
    • Tailor-made modules developments for Umbraco (CMS),
    • Newsletters implementation (xHTML, CSS)

05/2014 - 06/2014

Web developer (internship in Corsica)


11/2013 - 01/2014

UX Designer (internship in Switzeland)

Infomaniak Network

02/2013 - 05/2013

Front-end web developer (internship in Canada)

K3 Media

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